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2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017 Price, House, Gibbs Chapter Achievement Award: Awarded to an alumni chapter for significant achievement while fulfilling the objectives of the Association during the year.


2016 Eloise Steers is a service award for an alumnus who is best able to bridge the gap between alumni and ​the student body at Alabama A&M University.

Keshia Appkins is a 1997 and 2002 graduate of Alabama A&M University, the Past-President of the Metro Atlanta Alumni Chapter and is a Life Member of the Alabama A&M University Alumni Association, Inc.   She has participated in several local College Signing Day events, formally welcoming incoming freshman to Alabama A&M University.  The most prominent signing ceremony was that of the inaugural 5 Strong Scholar Program.  This program partners with HBCUs to provide a tuition free education to qualifying students.  In addition, she answered the call to participate in the Signing Day Event for the Kappa League in College Park, Georgia.  Incoming students were presented with Alabama A&M University paraphernalia. She keeps in touch with all students that participated in the signing events offering advice, answering questions that make their matriculation on the Hill a  little easier.  


Keshia uses her platform as President of the Metro Atlanta Chapter to create lasting relationships with students hoping they will commit to a life time of service to Alabama A&M University and the Association after graduation. 



2016 Mamie Labon Foster Award is presented to a nominee who is best able to create a harmonious relationship among the University family (students, staff, and faculty) at Alabama A&M University.


Trina Nkhazi received a B.S. degree in Communications in 1994. She is the Past-President of the Metro Atlanta Alumni Chapter. As President, she worked tirelessly to facilitate the many projects offered by the Chapter. Trina's efforts to bridge the gap between alumni, employees and the student body at Alabama A&M University are notable.  Trina was very instrumental in the scholarship awards program held at Atlanta City Hall  in 2016.  Using her professional network, she was able to partner with local school and government officials; local and national alumni leaders;  University personnel from admissions, athletics and other departments; and over 100 students and their parents.  


Over the years, she has also served as Vice-president and chairperson of a number of committees. She never declines to work on behalf of the University.



2016 Arthur Pillar Award is presented to an alumnus within the region who has single-handedly done the most in improving that region while fulfilling the objectives of the Association.


Jermaine Ralph serves as the current President of the Metro Atlanta Alumni Chapter and chairperson of the Georgia Loves AAMU Drive, a fundraising effort to bring an Alabama A&M University license plate to the state of Georgia. He is a hands on leader that pursued the dream of adding the beloved maroon and white to Georgia vehicles.  He works with the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles and the Atlanta Chapter leadership to fulfill the criteria for manufacturing a license plate for entities outside of the state.  Jermaine has used his personal funds to provide his committee members with t-shirts and other promotional materials to be used to bring attention to this campaign.  


Jermaine is a 2002 graduate of Alabama A&M University.  His wife, Cheryl, is also an Alabama A&M University graduate.  They have 3 daughters and reside in Clayton County. 



2016 Alease S. Sims Leadership Award is presented an individual providing leadership that contributes to the growth and progress of the Association, Chapter and/or the University. 


Diamond Walker is an effective leader, scholar and enthusiastic supporter of the University.  She supports alumni scholarship fundraising efforts by attending chapter events and speaking to those in attendance about the importance of giving and supporting students pursuing a college education. She currently serves as the Vice President of the Student Government Association (SGA) at Alabama A&M University.  Diamond is a proven leader as she works closely with other SGA leaders to develop and plan activities for students to enjoy on the Hill. 


Ms. Walker holds leadership roles in several other worthy organizations including the University Echoes Student Ambassadors and one of the newer campus organizations, the AAMU Southern Belles. Diamond is a proud  2017 graduate of Alabama A&M University.  



2015 William Hooper Councill Service Award is awarded to an alumnus who has made significant achievements in his/her profession, community, church, and who has generously supported Alabama A&M University.


Willie Lovejoy is a 1997 graduate of Alabama A&M University.   Mr. Lovejoy was appointed treasurer in 2013 and is currently serving his 2nd term as an elected officer.   He issues timely and accurate financial reports and oversees the financial policies of the Chapter.  Willie worked with the Chapter’s first memorial scholarship effort which resulted in more than $10,000 being collected in 10 weeks. He recently spearheaded the effort in which the Metro Atlanta Chapter hosted the Marching Maroon and White during the Honda Battle of the Bands weekend.  More than 300 band students and staff were fed and welcomed to our city.   


In addition to his role as treasurer, Mr. Lovejoy is the chapter representative for the Atlanta SWAC and HBCU Alliances.  Willie is the heartbeat of the Metro Atlanta Chapter ensuring financial obligations are met. 



2015 Thomas M. Elmore Award is awarded to the region and regional vice president whose region makes the most significant progress while fulfilling the objectives of the Association during the year. 


Bivian Woody Paige is the outgoing Region 2 Vice President of the Association.  She has served successfully in this capacity for 2 terms.  Her efforts in Region 2 resulted in 2 new chapters being created and significant growth of existing chapters.   Bivian held regional calls to assist chapter leadership with carrying out the Association’s goals and objectives, in addition to attending chapter meetings throughout her region.   She is working closely with the Charlotte Chapter to host the biennial conference in her region this summer and works on the scholarship committees at both the chapter and national levels.


​Bivian is a cheerleader for the Metro Atlanta Chapter, the Association and Alabama A&M University.  Mrs. Paige is a 1991 graduate of Alabama A&M with a degree in Telecommunications and Marketing. She is a Life member of the Alabama A&M University Alumni Association, Inc. 



2014 William Hooper Councill Service Award:  Awarded to an alumnus who has made significant achievements in his/her profession, community, church, and who has generously supported Alabama A&M University.


Brandon Brown is a 2011 graduate of Alabama A&M University.  Mr. Brown accepted the role of Vice President in 2014 and chairs the Program/Events Committee.  During his first year as Vice President, he has been instrumental in ensuring the success of the Chapter’s major fundraising activities.   He co-chaired the High School Senior Day bus trip.  Student interest in the trip was larger than in the last several years.     Brandon Brown has been an avid supporter of new events the Chapter has initiated. He worked with the ATL Students Homecoming Reception and the Alabama A&M University Choir Concert.   

Brandon Brown has been influential in bringing in new alumni members and bridging the gap between alumni of all generations.   


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