About Us

The purpose of the Metro Atlanta Chapter shall be to operate not for profit but exclusively for the growth and development of Alabama A&M University in promulgating the following goals as an alumni organization:

1. To foster the ideals of Alabama A&M University and its illustrious founder, Dr. William Hooper Councill.

2. To encourage aesthetic, cultural, educational, moral, spiritual, and financial support to the University.

3. To provide a medium through which representatives of the alumni, trustees, student body and University may cooperate in advancing the growth and development of the University.

4. To encourage and assist in the planning and development of programs to ensure Chapter growth and membership participation.

The Metro Atlanta  Chapter was established on January 21, 1973 at the Paschal's Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. The elected officers were:

PRESIDENT- J. Lowell Ware

VICE PRESIDENT- Pauline Washington



TREASURER- Langston Walker

CHAPLAIN- Alger Coleman


ARCHIVIST - Margaret Merkerson

A committee was formed to write the chapter constitution which continues to guide our chapter today. The constitution committee members were: Thomas Kyler, J. Callaway, Lester Paige, Pauline Washington, Houston Stallworth and J. Lowell Ware.

The Chapter continues to thrive and support Alabama A&M University and the Alumni Association, Inc. to the greatest extent possible. The Metro Atlanta Chapter has been dedicated to the task of upholding the University and providing scholarships and financial assistance to students from the Metro Atlanta area who matriculate on Normal’s Hill. Other than student assistance, Metro Atlanta has contributed to the Councill Challenge Campaign, the University Choir, the Marching Maroon and White Band, Alabama A&M University Athletics, the Tom Joyner School of the Month and the Alabama A&M University Alumni Association, Inc. just to name a few.  Several fundraising initiatives have been developed to support our cause: the Heritage and Legacy Gala, the Annual Golf Tournament, various raffles and bus trips to support the Bulldogs.

When needed, the Chapter hosts fellow alums from all over the country.  In 2007, the Chapter hosted the Alumni Association’s National Summer Conference. The summer conference was well attended and the positive response was humbling.  Our chapter built the Bulldog Nation in November 2013, when the Alabama A&M Bulldogs played Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in our city.  The weekend consisted of a Student Recruitment Fair, VIP Reception and a Game Day Tailgate.

Over the years, the Metro Atlanta Chapter has received several awards for its support of Alabama A&M University.  We have received the Price, House, Gibbs Chapter Achievement Award on several occasions, in addition to the Philanthropy Award for contributions to the Councill Challenge Campaign.  We will continue to strive for excellence to ensure the longevity and success of the dream our founder, Dr. William Hooper Councill, and our beloved Alma Mater, Alabama A&M University.  Long live thy fame!