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License Plate Drive Sponsor Letter

Special thanks to our Georgia Loves AAMU Drive Sponsors!


Georgia Loves AAMU


Special Interest Application (Vehicle Registration)

Platinum Level 

Melza Cook

Tracy Gates

Freddie Massey

McKenzie & Philippia Thomas​

Gold Level
Keshia Appkins

Mark Berry

​Joyce Harris

Jermaine & Cheryl Ralph

Silver Level

​Timothy McCannelly

Bronze Level

Mary Barker

​Gloria Carey

Millie Cooper

Sylvia Bozeman
Nicole Moore Bright

Patricia Myatt Davis
Horace Dent

Doris Dickens
Norma Dillard

Theo & Pat Elzie
​Sandra Lyles Jackson

​Sherri Jenkins 

Bettye Jones
Rashad Lewis

Pennon Lockhart

​William Kimber

​Clark Malone

H. Ronye Malone

​Adria Mason

Bill Mayweather

Dorothy Mayweather
Trina Nkhazi
Arlean Paige

​Frank Robinson

Fred Smith, Jr. 

​Navaez Stinson

Thomas Taylor

Kevin Tolbert

George Ellen Williams
Stephanie Wilson

Complete the special interest application

and mail your $25 fee:

Metro Atlanta Chapter

Attn: AAMU GA Tag

P.O. Box 91314

Atlanta, Georgia 30364-1314

Online payments accepted @ http://aamuatl.eventbrite.com 

Applications may also be emailed to aamugatag@aamuatl.org 

After your special interest application is processed, you will receive a receipt from the Division of Motor Vehicles, likely in a blue envelope.  Please take your receipt to your local tag office and ask for the Metro Atlanta Chapter Alabama A&M University license plate. Many receive their license plate by mail within 7-10 business days. You may be required to pay additional fees upon ordering your tag. If you plan to order your tag at your standard renewal time, please plan for a process of up to 3 weeks.

Still have questions?  Email us at aamugatag@aamuatl.org.