Complete the special interest application

and mail your $25 fee:

Metro Atlanta Chapter

Attn: AAMU GA Tag

P.O. Box 91314

Atlanta, Georgia 30364-1314

Online payments accepted @ 

Applications may also be emailed to 

After your special interest application is processed, you will receive a receipt from the Division of Motor Vehicles, likely in a blue envelope.  Please take your receipt to your local tag office and ask for the Metro Atlanta Chapter Alabama A&M University license plate. Many receive their license plate by mail within 7-10 business days. You may be required to pay additional fees upon ordering your tag. If you plan to order your tag at your standard renewal time, please plan for a process of up to 3 weeks.

Still have questions?  Email us at  

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Special Interest Application (Vehicle Registration)

Platinum Level 

Melza Cook

Tracy Gates

Freddie Massey

McKenzie & Philippia Thomas​

Jermaine & Cheryl Ralph

Gold Level
Keshia Appkins

Mark Berry

​Joyce Harris

Silver Level

​Timothy McCannelly

Bronze Level

Walter Bailey 

Mary Barker

​Gloria Carey

Millie Cooper

Sylvia Bozeman
Nicole Moore Bright

Patricia Myatt Davis
Horace Dent

Doris Dickens
Norma Dillard

Theo & Pat Elzie
​Sandra Lyles Jackson

​Sherri Jenkins 

Bettye Jones
Rashad Lewis

Pennon Lockhart

​William Kimber

​Clark Malone

H. Ronye Malone

​Adria Mason

Bill Mayweather

Dorothy Mayweather
Trina Nkhazi
Arlean Paige

​Frank Robinson

Fred Smith, Jr. 

​Navaez Stinson

Thomas Taylor

Kevin Tolbert

George Ellen Williams
Stephanie Wilson

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